Genset Battery


Cummins Pulse Ultra Plus and Pulse Ultra Lite batteries have been specially designed for generator starting application.

These batteries are unique as it offers a different technology from conventional lead-acid batteries available in the market.

Pulse batteries offer pure lead-tin alloy technology, which gives higher life, lower corrosion, deliver more energy for their size and weight and perform better in cold and hot weather.

Features & Benefits :

Thin Plate Technology – Higher starting current with smaller AH capacity, resulting in a smaller battery.

Reliability –High battery power capability for guaranteed starting.

Maintenance free – No battery topping up or specific gravity checks required.

Ready to use – Compact and lightweight for easy handling.

Cost effective – Low cost of ownership over its lifetime. No risk of cost due to failure to start standby genset.

Industrial battery

Every Start Assured

Performance of batteries is critical to the performance of any vehicle and conventional flooded batteries require regular care and maintenance. It is not possible to provide such care & maintenance at industrial sites and field level. Hence a robust product is quite indispensable to withstand the tough and hazardous conditions.

Cummins Industrial Batteries are the most appropriate product which have been specifically designed in such a way that it addresses all the requirements of the Mining & construction Industries.