Cummins Fuel Systems India

Cummins has been designing and manufacturing fuel systems since the 1930s. Cummins Fuel Systems (CFS) was started as a separate line of business under the Cummins Components portfolio in 2005. In India, CFS began its operations in 2011 through its technical center and is responsible for the design, development, test and support of new, existing and remanufactured fuel system products.

Cummins fuel system products enable precise injection of highly pressurized fuel for efficient combustion in mid-range, heavy duty and high horsepower engine markets. They also enable our customers to meet increasingly stringent emission requirements while maximizing fuel-economy and performance. CFS is a pioneer in the field with many firsts in technology like the 2600 bar common rail-fuel system.

The journey from mechanical systems to highly precise electronic systems has been interspersed with remarkable achievements in our design and development capability. Today, CFS India has the complete know-how to carry on the entire fuel system development work in India, while ensuring partnership with the engine design team of the customer, to provide best-in-class solutions. A fully integrated technology team is driving the business to design products best suited for the Indian market, while also drawing from the expertise and experiences of global counterparts.

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