Cummins Research & Technology India Private Limited

Established in 2003, Cummins Research and Technology India Limited (CRTI) provides world class engineering design and analysis solutions to Cummins entities and its joint ventures worldwide. Primary focus of CRTI is to build engineering capability and capacity for accelerated product development with Right First Time approach through Analysis Led Design (ALD). CRTI has world class engineering capabilities in the domains of Mechanical design, Structural analysis and Computational thermal and fluid engineering.

CRTI is a joint venture between Cummins Inc. and Cummins India Limited, providing world class mechanical engineering design and analysis for Cummins Technical centers. It delivers state-of-the-art analysis led design services to develop more reliable products in less time at lower cost.

CRTI employs highly skilled engineers that work with high end computer models to design and analyse products which are used across the globe. CRTI has been the pioneer of change within Cummins technical community in transitioning from testing intensive product development to computer-based analysis led design (ALD) approach. CRTI is uniquely positioned to support all Cummins Business Units (Engine, Power Generation, Component and Distribution) as well as Cummins Joint Ventures. In all, CRTI supports close to 24 Cummins entities across the globe from a single location.

CRTI has always been striving to create Great Place to Work environment for its employees. There are different committees formed such as Sports, Cultural, Library, Newsletter, Safety, Community Work and Fun committee to involve and engage its employees in creating a great environment at work place.