Chairman's Presentation at AGM (August 4, 2016) Letter(1.6MB)
Presentation to Analysts (May 30, 2016) Letter(0.8MB)
Chairman's Presentation at AGM (August 6, 2015) Letter(1.41 MB)
Chairman's Presentation at AGM (August 1, 2014) Letter(1.46 MB)
Presentation to investors during Phaltan visit (March 14, 2014) Letter(1.46 MB)
Presentation to Analysts (February 11, 2014) Letter(1.46 MB)
Chairman’s Presentation at AGM (August 1, 2013) Letter(1.46 MB)
Chairman's Presentation at AGM (August 2, 2012) Letter(1.99 MB)
Presentation made by Chairman & MD Anant Talaulicar to analysts (May 16,2012) Letter(819 KB)
Presentation made by CFO-Rajiv Batra to analysts (February 22,2012) Letter(1.90 MB)
Chairman's Presentation to Investors(August 4, 2011) Letter(1.2 MB)
Chairman's Presentation to Investors(12th August, 2010) Letter(923 KB)
Presentation to Analysts(14th June, 2010) Letter(9.81 MB)
Chairman's Presentation to Investors( 29th July, 2009 ) Letter(2.73 MB)
Chairman's Presentation to Investors (October 2008) Letter(1337 KB)
Analyst Meet (October 2002) Analyst Meet(677 KB)
Analyst Meet (August 2001) Analyst Meet 2001(980 KB)

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