For over nine decades worldwide and over five decades in India, the inspiring leadership team of Cummins has lead the Company on a path that offers growth and dependability to all stakeholders. Guided by the time-tested Vision and Mission of Cummins and continuously emulating the six Core Values, the leadership has presented a living testament of Dependability that inspires and motivates every individual associated with the Corporation.

At Cummins India, the Strategic Leadership Team devises broad strategic initiatives that assure returns to shareholders, winning partnerships to customers and suppliers, caring environment to employees and benefits to the communities.

Members of the Strategic Leadership Team are:

Sandeep Sinha (Vice President – India ABO (Area Business Organization) and Managing Director of Cummins India Limited)
Rajiv Batra (Chief Financial Officer and Head – Facilities)
Sophia Manivel (Chief Information Officer)
Ashish Aggarwal (Vice President – Government Relations)
Shveta Arya (Head – Strategy and Chief of Staff)
Mark Firth (Chief Technical Officer)
Amit Kumar (Head - Corporate Responsibility and Sponsor - Global Analytics Center)
Vikas Thapa (Vice President – Human Resources)
K. Venkata Ramana (Vice President – Legal & Secretarial)
Qureish Shipchandler (Vice President – Internal Audit)

The Strategic Leadership Team is supported by the Operating Leadership Team in executing the strategies while overseeing operations of the businesses.