Cummins Oil and Gas Engines

The Right Power For Every Need


Our presence in the Oil & Gas Segment

For Cummins, meeting the power demands placed on your oil and gas drilling rigs is backed by our commitment to deliver the specific product performance solutions and advantages that your business needs, and to support your operation worldwide with absolute dependability. With the strength of Cummins at your side the drilling and exploration initiatives can reach further, with increased uptime and greater productivity. Most important, our nationwide presence and support makes Cummins a proven, committed partner you can always depend on.

Proven durability in extreme conditions

Every Cummins customer has the advantage of proven engine and power generation platforms, from complete mechanical rig power units to offshore and land-based power modules. The Cummins product lineup is designed to provide our oil and gas customers with the highest levels of reliability, durability, performance and dependability at the lowest cost of operation. Cummins oil and gas technology is engineered and built with the capabilities needed to sustain your operation under the harshest and most extreme conditions.

The key to Cummins durability in the field is our focus on developing proven products designed and engineered specifically for drilling applications. We take advantage of every opportunity to use our proven field network to listen to what our oil and gas customers are saying about their specific needs. The voice of the customer is systematically incorporated into every solution we engineer, design and build for oil and gas applications.

Our power modules are developed with Cummins manufactured engines, alternators and components such as turbochargers, filtration and after treatment systems. This is why Cummins is uniquely positioned to provide a total solution to our drilling customers as a truly single-source supplier.