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Decades of Protecting Your Equipment.

Cummins Filtration is the global Filtration, Coolant and Fuel Additive specialist for all commercial engine systems. Our broad product lines cover a wide variety of applications and markets Started in 1958, Cummins Filtration today serves customers all across the globe



With the introduction of global clean air standards, modern fuel systems have more challenges to deal with than ever before. These challenges include higher pressure as well as new fuels like ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and biodiesel. With filtration requirements as low as 2 microns on some high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel systems, it is imperative that you have the best quality fuel and fuel filtration. Cummins Filtration offers the products you need to maintain and protect your modern fuel system including full flow and bypass fuel filtration.

Cummins Filtration's comprehensive line of fuel filtration systems offers customers optimum protection for their fuel systems and reduced operating costs for their bottom line. Our line of fuel filters also includes fuel/water separators and fuel filtration designed exclusively for electronic engines the best choice for customers who want to extend service intervals and increase vehicle uptime.


Longer Life, Reduced CostsCummins Filters

All fuel filtration systems are engineered with precision to meet customer demands for longer life and improved performance. Fuel filters using proprietary StrataPore™ multi-layered media offer superior micron efficiencies, removing large particles, as well as the smallest debris. Each StrataPore™ layer offers unique properties to extend fuel filter life and improve performance.


The Most Technologically Advanced Fuel Filtration Systems

As the industry leader, Cummins Filtration has always remained a step ahead of market needs by introducing innovative fuel filtration systems.


Lube Filters

Lube oil is an essential element in the life of your engine. Among other things, lube oil lubricates, cools, cleans, protects, and seals the engine components. Over time, contamination is introduced into the lube system due to the combustion process, engine wear, spent additives, etc. With the addition of global clean air standards, more contaminant tends to enter the combustion chamber making lube filtration even more important than ever. With 50 years experience in excellence in lube filtration, you can trust Cummins Filtration to provide lube system protection you can depend on.

At Cummins Filtration, we have a history of innovation in lube filtration technology. Since introducing the Fleetguard® LF502 bag filter and spool full flow lube filter for Cummins engines in 1959, Cummins Filtration has led the industry by developing increasingly advanced products. Introduction of the LF750 by-pass filter in 1960 and the LF670 large diameter, pleated paper, full flow, spin-on lube filter in the 1970s kept us at the forefront of technology.


Why By-pass Filtration Is Superior

With the introduction of combination lube filtration technology, Cummins Filtration revolutionized the industry. As SAE 710813/790098 confirms, by-pass filtration reduces engine wear in the following key areas:

  • Extended service intervals
  • Increased vehicle uptime
  • Decreased vehicle maintenance costs
  • Reduced disposal costs


StrataPore™ Media

By implementing the revolutionary StrataPore™ multi-layered media in the 1990s, the combo filter was improved even more. StrataPore™ was introduced in the full flow section to work in combination with the stacked discs to remove the smallest dirt particles, which cause the most engine damage. This configuration reduces engine wear by as much as 60% in some applications.


Venturi™ Combo System

The technology was taken even further with the introduction of the Venturi™ Combo. The OEM-approved Venturi™ allows the lube system to perform up to four times as long and remove up to three times the contaminants as a full synthetic filter. The patented Venturi™ nozzle provides a low-pressure zone for the oil to flow through the pleated media for increased efficiency. This innovative technology results in longer life and better performance for your vehicle. And, unlike its competitors, the Venturi™ Combo was tested in a real world environment, not bench tested.


Air Filters

Air filters help to keep your engine going long and strong. Cummins offers a wide range of Air filters along with Heavy duty Air filters too, which help the engine to perform at their best. Any amount of dust or impurities can cause permanent damage to your engine with repairs being costly and causing unnecessary downtime of equipment.

Cummins Air filters use the latest technology to provide the best performance for your engine and improve the life of engines

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