Cummins Serves with Care

Our Customers want Service that is good and fast; that is what we aim in our program called ‘Quick Serve’. The Participating Dealers in this program make sure that our systems are integrated to deliver the Services on time. We ensure that the diagnosis is complete on the engine problem within a fixed time frame and repair options and time required to complete the repair are communicated to Customers immediately to enable them plan their business. 80 % of all repairs are attended to immediately, to get the engine back on the road on the very same day. Major Repairs are mostly completed within 3 days.

Cummins Quick Serve is like having your own maintenance department available on demand!

Cummins Quick Serve

Quick Serve Sprint:

This Initiative builds key skills and establishes a common business process designed to improve customer satisfaction and service business performance.

The QuickServe Sprint Depends on You to Succeed

Cummins’ brand promise is, “I am Cummins. You can depend on me.” The QuickServe Sprint is a global program to help us consistently deliver on the promise. It stands as the foundation for creating a reputation of Legendary Service for our customers.

Through our capable people, established common processes, and a focus on customers, we’ll develop and strengthen our global Service network to ensure a bright future.

Cummins Quick Serve